For the second Sunday in a row, we at ODDMUSIC Urbana-Champaign have held office hours in the Oddstrumentarium & Composing Living Room at the Independent (read “Odd”) Media Center.  We’re back in the peepway, but we open our doors on Sunday nights around 7pm to play on our growing menagerie of musical instruments, & to listen to each other’s doings.

So come out next Sunday night if you have the presence of mind to do so.

What’s new this week?

Jacob traveled an hour south to Charleston IL & met with oddmusical comrade Aaron Andrew Hunt, whose specialty is the Emancipation of Pitch.  Emancipation of Pitch from what?  From the confines of 12-tone equal temperament, at least!  Through his company, H-π instruments, he hand-builds MIDI keyboards with 211 keys per octave.

Aaron was kind enough to loan ODDMUSIC-UC a few prototype instruments he had lying around.  Here are two Tonal Plexus keyboards, the one on the right having an earlier keyboard layout:

Tonal Plexus (prototype)

And here’s the Goose, an ultrachromatic wind controller which I’ve fallen right in love with:


Freedom is great, but what you gonna do with it? We hope to produce some answers to the sister questions “What music do these instruments require?”  and “What music requires these instruments?” and share them with you.  If you would like access to these prototypes to try and do something with them yourself, contact us!

As I type this, Snow Leopard & AndR play on variously fretted guitars, and Brad tries to play Final Fantasy & Zelda Music on the Plexus.  Carly showed us how to play musical saw with feet, in sitting position and in supine!

Saw, supine


5 responses »

  1. JP says:

    Sweet, I wanna play!

  2. Rob says:

    Why not promote ignore-ance of regular rock? Invite people to thinking about their oppression as people and focus on their imagined importance as individuals in meaningful relationships with “significant” others who will also die someday as will you. Don’t oppress your instruments, if you’re the one who is gonna die. The ocean of microtonal is not only scary (like health), but also artificial (like life).

    The “real” winner constraining itself to unreal consciousness, your instruments become so many backorders. One song: one instrument. No memorization without mis-representation. A promoter would approach these tones as errors without justification. Absence of justification as the definition of error. Error as answer, in a system. Swoh.

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