Among many things, Jacob & I like to think/talk about our Oddmusic space at the IMC as a “Composer’s Living Room,” a comfortable, quiet place where a person can go to do creative work.  I finally put this to the test last weekend, enjoying some hours grooving away in the space, writing something describable as a “microtonal round.”  I started working on it last Wednesday in the space, quickly developing three lines of music.  I experimented with retuning my steel-string acoustic guitar, then playing a drone chord on a microtonally-tuned midi keyboard.  Eventually, I sequenced it in Cubase & retuned with Li’l Miss’ Scale Oven, so I could sing along with it.  Jacob & Anna happened to visit right when I’d gotten it playable (what great luck!), so we sang it together.

On Friday night, I revised the piece and added a fourth part (taking a needed break to go downstairs for the Bike-In Movie hosted by the IMC shows group in general & Chris Hampson in particular), & made it home just shy of 2 am.  I think I’ve made a good start on something fun, & I’ve really enjoyed having a place to work in solitude.

The scale I used (some just-heads will wonder) is a sequence of overtones — 7 through 14 — repeating at each octave.  Since the piece mostly tonicizes the 12th harmonic, I think of it as: 1/1, 13/12, 7/6, 4/3, 3/2, 5/3, 11/6, 2/1.  If that means nothing to you yet, no worries.  Jacob & I have some very elucidating all-ages composition workshops in the works, so please consider yourself invited to join the paradigm-play!

If you’d like to use our space for a Composer’s Living Room (or something else – make a proposal!) then let’s talk.  We want Oddmusic U-C to serve the community, & that means (we insist) YOU!


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