• No office hours next Sunday, July 12, as Jacob & I will be away composing activism with School for Designing a Society.
  • New instruments in Oddmusic: an accordion (bringing the total to two); a 5-string banjo; a toy piano in need of some fixin’; a toy push-glock; a battery-powered toy reed organ; a tiny keyboard & a Rap Pad in need of batteries; a jingly arm bracelet.
  • Paul Kotheimer loaned us a tuning key, which I used today to tune our hammered dulcimer to the sixth root of 3/2.  (It sounds amazing!)
  • The oodtar has four strings fully fretted to 23edo.
  • Jacob is out of town doing oddmusicky things; let’s ask him nicely to post an update.
  • We paid July rent!

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  1. Tutim Deft says:

    Put the picture of the 23edo Oodtar

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