Oddmusic has an Instrumentarium, full of doohickeys great and small, some odd, some not odd at all.  Why, I hear you asking, would we keep boring ol’ ordinary instruments around?  Maybe you can also answer this.  I’ll venture:

  • Odd sounds can be made to come out of otherwise perfectly normal, respectable instruments, especially in the hands of odd people.
  • Not To Mention:  perfectly respectable people, when put at the mercy of instruments they’ve never had the opportunity to touch before, are invariably turned into odd people.
  • Oddness of Context:  to create a situation where someone remarks “Odd…music.”
  • Oddness of Social Function.  In June, an anarchist band was in town from Minneapolis, and one of them had an oboe stolen.  Vinnie knew who to call, but we don’t yet have an oboe (only an alto sax, flute, clarinet, bassoon) to loan out.

This week the Loaner Instruments for Wayward Travelers program plans to service a Bay Area bassist on the basis of his basslessness.

We’d like to build up a database of local folks’ instrument collections (of all degrees of oddness) to add to our own.  Get in touch with us if you have a dusty piece of equipment that needs some human touch.  You specify the terms of touch, of course.


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