ODDMUSIC U-C had a “grand(e) opening” this evening, in front of an audience charged w/ instruments of their own (for performing sentences in lieu of applause).  Attendees received a booklet entitled “invitations,” containing 11 to 22 invitations, depending on how you count ’em.  For those wanting to know th “program” of this event, it went rather like (o how I love bulleted lists!) this:

  • The Final Instruction ~ Andrew (voice) & Jacob (blatt)
  • Curiosity II of II ~ composed & performed by Tommy Scheurich (viola), performed also by Jacob Barton (voice) & Andrew Heathwaite (voice)
  • As Guudu Swept ~ composed & performed by Jacob (voice & electronics)
  • Fractured Paradise ~ composed by Kyle Gann, sequenced & performed by Jacob Barton (udderbot & electronics)
  • 22-tone guitar demonstration, including a whirlwind microtour of some 22edo modes (chromatic, 11edo, Orwell[9], Porcupine[8], Greek enharmonic genus, dorian superpyth, Swooning Rushes, unnamed & unnamed) ~ by Andrew
  • Optimal Tuning System Blues ~ composed by Chris[topher] Peck, with text from an abstract to a paper called Optimal Tuning Systems by Larry Polansky, Wei Pan, Dan Rockmore, Douglas Repetto, & Kimo Johnson, performed by Andrew (22-tone guitar) & Jacob (voice)
  • False Statement Bulletin #4 ~ composed by Jacob, Andrew, & Rob Scott (all on 17edo tubes)
  • The Moth ~ composed by Mark Enslin, with text by Indigo Frank, performed by Elizabeth Adams (voice), Jacob Barton (piano), & Tommy Scheurich (drone)

We planted a “question booth” – questions to ask odd, questions to ask music.  The anonymous results?


When if tempo, too with tone odd?  How to odd a pulse?


M. Usic,

Your in-between times are sultry.  Will you them near drones?


For odd:

How can I keep from singing, “The earth shakes ’round my growing tree?”  I need a strategy.


For Music:

How do you combine pleasure & critique?


For odd:

How do I performatively respond to oddness [I like] I don’t forsee liking?


Hey Music:

What’s your costume?


[musical score with extra-curly treble clef]

Thanks for asking!  We don’t know either, but we’re happy to have the questions.

Recordings coming soon, I suspect, of pieces that demand recording….


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