Hi friends,

Andrew standing in room 223, empty, the following afternoon.

Andrew standing in room 223, empty, the following afternoon.

Last Sunday at Office Hours, Oddmusic U-C moved downstairs, to a new space in the IMC, room 21A!  Up on the second floor, we have new friends moving in, Community Center for the Arts, a (not necessarily odd) music organization, and we worked out an arrangement where they could have our old space (room 223), and we could have a new space in the basement, down the hall from the Bike Project and the Costume Closet, just off from the Family Room.  The new space is larger, more accessible, brighter, and cheaper.  I like to say that, with the upstairs becoming the “music” wing, the downstairs is becoming the “odd” wing, and that suits me just fine.

We left a note on the whiteboard in 223 for C4A.

We left a note on the whiteboard in 223 for C4A.

So our new friend Mary Ann(e) stopped in to see what we’re all about and wound up merrily schlepping speakers, woodwinds and furniture.  Also joining us were Snow Leopard (rowr), Don (grunt), and Mary Margaret (who brought us all chocolate)!  With help, Jacob and I managed to fit all our stuff into the new room, kind of arrange it, and get home before midnight.

Andrew in the new room!

Andrew in the new room!

Carly and I visited the room the next day to get these pictures.  You can see lots of natural light streaming in our three ground-level windows.  You can’t see that the room is L-shaped.  Another section, about the same size as this one (which Carly photographed from the door, so imagine you’re standing at the entrance), goes off to the left.  We’re imagining that section sort of as “storage” and this section in the picture as “work space.”  It looks like we’re going to inherit two large metal desks (which you can see), and we’re imagining the farther one as a computer desk and the nearer one as a paper desk, for zine-making, manuscript writing and the like.  The wall on the left will probably get a white board sooner or later.

You also can’t see the family room, but if you could turn 180 degrees, you’d be looking into a large cozy space with comfy chairs and a TV – a community space currently in use for meetings and movie-watching events.  Oddmusic will be able to rent it out (cheap) for events and use it ad-hoc for less formal things like office hours.  So our space kind of has a third section, a lounge.

Jacob and I, being busy bees, haven’t gotten to spend much time in Oddmusic II yet, but I’ve really enjoyed knowing it’s there.  Carly says she likes the new room better.  You’re invited to come to office hours this Sunday (7pm to 9:30) to tell us what you think.

Love, Andrew.


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  1. Alicia says:

    Is that a rockin’ flowered skirt or rockin’ flowered shorts in the pic of the upstairs space?

  2. Andrew says:

    Variety of legcovering = skirt. Your ukulele-slinging friend also slings skirts.

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