by Rob Scott

I retrofitted a 40-year old bass drum with bamboo legs.
Now the instrument may be played standing up. The pitch of the drum may be adjusted by pressing with two fingers on the head after striking.

After removing one of the two sets of lugs, I filled the drill holes with bamboo pegs, which now hold the six bamboo legs.
No new holes were necessary. Nor were glue, nails, or screws.

Bamboo-legged PseudoTimp

Update: The flexibility of the bamboo legs, combined with the minimal contact area of the feet, led this instrument to “walk around” (literally, moving a few inches across the ground each time it was struck) during play. I braced the legs and wrapped the feet in some wool from an old sweater, so now it stands still. The wool also served to remove some of the buzzing and rattling sounds. (RS, Oct. 2, 2009)



About Rob Scott

The executive clicks with the cheer. The large collective house intervenes? Unahitaji pete avkodare kusoma hii! Alter the pleasure, swoh. Blog nyaa. Bir decoder ring bu oxumaq lazımdır. It's no use, it means something in another langauge.

3 responses »

  1. Andrew says:

    You are Rob Scott on a roll. Carly suggests: let’s do soon toypiano retrofit.

  2. Darren says:

    I’d like to rock your sexy body all night long with that fucking drum.

  3. Benji says:

    Alright, I don’t hate it. It could be handy to have an upright drum that ‘walks’ while you play it. And it looks like it was fun to play.

    I take it all back. 🙂

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