A happening assembled by School for Designing a Society & ODDMUSIC U-C, to which you may consider yrself invited:

House Theater Dec. 10, 11, 12: “The Truth about Injustice Always Sounds OutRageous”

Sounds outrageous and outrageous sounds, brought to you by House Theater and UC-ODD MUSIC project. We invite you to an hour and a half “Letter to the Editor” on the system-designed killing of 15 year old Kiwane Carrington Oct. 9 2009 entwining experimental compositions in sound, dance, and poetry performed in a living, bedroom, bathroom of an Urbana house.

You’re invited! You don’t need to know us to come!

There will be three identical performances. Pick one or several:

Thursday, December 10 @ 7:30pm
Friday, December 11 @ 7:30pm
Saturday, December 12 @ 7:30pm

Where: 2106 S. Race St., Urbana (home of Ben Grosser, Kate McDowell, and Jasper)

How much: suggested donation of $5-$10, or pay what you can

Who: compositions by Grosser, Schuessler, Rzewski, Enslin, Simpson, Gaiuranos, Barton, Heathwaite, Parenti, Nix, Michaelis, Lieder,Chynoweth, Cage, Glick, and more…

RSVPs are appreciated but not required.  Drop an email to grosser@bengrosser.com.


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  1. Andrew, you asked for the following info:

    Paul Kotheimer – Fretless guitar and vocal.

    “Depends on the Tornado (12/11 vs. 13/12)” Text and music by Paul Kotheimer.

    “Ga Ma Pa Nu Pa, Ne Sa Gu Sa” A call-and-response JI distinction exercise based on Raag Jog. Solfege adapted from traditional Hindustani sargam:

    1/1 = Sa
    7/6 = Gu
    6/5 = Ge
    5/4 = Ga
    4/3 = Ma
    3/2 = Pa
    7/4 = Nu
    9/5 = Ne

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