Michael Gaiuranos a.k.a. Snow Leopard joined us on Oddmusic Radio Shower last Tuesday March 9.  He played mixes of oddmusic from his collection & some of his own pieces which have their roots in these other musics.  We was kind enough to leave us with a playlist:

Artist Song Album
Diamanda Galas Skotoseme (Kill Me) The Sporting Life
Wild Women with Steakknives (Homicidal Love Song for Solo Scream) The Litanies of Satan
You Don’t Know What Love is Single
Panoptikon (excerpt) Diamanda Galas
Merzbow Requiem for 259,000 Quail (Excerpt) Uzura (13 Japanese Birds Part 5)
Part 1-3 (Excerpt) Uzura (13 Japanese Birds Part 5)
Transparent Man Is Color With Blue and Pink (Excerpt) Camouflage
Anicca, Pt. 2 (Excerpt) Anicca
Hyena Ratha Yatra ~ Jagannātha (Excerpt) How to Tell The Truth
A Factory Being Fed Through A Shredder (Excerpt) Aerial
Ex-Specialist Charles Graner (Dishonorably Discharged) and Ex-Specialist Megan Ambuhl (Rank Reduction to Private) – Now Married (Excerpt) Abu Ghraib
Fugitive Visions (Five Selections) Fugitive Visions
The Dead Of Winter I Couldn’t Have Said It Better

(Th section labeled ‘Hyena’ refers to th music of Gaiuranos himself.)

Inserted somewhere in there should be another Hyena piece called ‘Should You Peer Out From The Old Pier,’ a highly chromatic round in 12edo which Jacob taught us to sing live on th air.

Tune in tomorrow night, March 16, when we’ll be joined by special guest Rob Scott: 11pm on Radio Free Urbana, 104.5 FM.


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