Jacob & Andrew join Great Others in travels to Olympia & Portland for performances with an ensemble connected to School for Designing a Society, hitting th road, as they say, in only a few hours.

We do not yet have th redundancy required for everything Oddmusic to continue in our absence.  So, to keep you in th knowing, here are some changes to th usual WayThingsGo:

  • Saturday 3/27: Microtonal Composition Study Group canceled.
  • Sunday 3/28: Office Hour canceled.
  • Tuesday 3/30: Oddmusic Radio Shower NOT canceled. Philip Schuessler hosts th show solo (or at least Jacobandrewless), so tune in to 104.5 FM Radio Free Urbana at 11 PM, friends!
  • Saturday 4/3: Microtonal Composition Study Group canceled.
  • Sunday 4/4: Office Hour NOT canceled. Come by room 21A of th IMC this & “every” Sunday between 8 & 9 PM to connect with th instrument library, share a project, throw rocks, make a proposal, etc.
  • Tuesday 4/6: Oddmusic Radio Shower NOT canceled. Tune in with Philip & Andrew for an evening of Oddrock: 11 PM on 104.5 FM.
  • Saturday 4/10: Microtonal Composition Study Group NOT canceled. Join us for conversation around composition & experimental tuning systems: “every” Saturday from 3 to 4:30 in th Family Room of th IMC.
  • Etc.

If you would like to keep up with Oddmusic events, consider subscribing to our public online calendar &/or joining our email announce list.  If you’d like to get involved with planning future Oddmusic whatnots, consider joining our email discuss list.  If you wanna meet a human or simply get yr grubby mitts on a nifty Odd Instrument, come by during Office Hour, “every” Sunday night from 8 to 9 in room 21A of th Independent Media Center (resuming April 4, when I get back into town from travels westward).


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