I was tickled fluorescent orange by this article by Myra Eddy: VOTE ZOMBA IN 2012.  I’m interested in much of th radical weirdness advocated here, & I found one part particularly applicable to one of ODDMUSIC U-C’s movements-in-residence: Xenharmonic Praxis:

Zombans are typically quite odd. In fact, the concept of “od” has been adopted into the zomban culture at large.  It sheds the illusion of God or god, and embraces the perfection of the imperfect, and sings slightly out of tune in the wabi-sabi musical of life. Found objects are od, as are waist-high dandelions, homemade anything, good karma, and erratic missives from the gods, often displaying themselves as strings of meaningful coincidences (synchronicities being a measurement of the sum of one’s ability to pay attention and one’s connection to that beyond the self).  [Emphasis added.]

Oddmusic’s continued invitation, Xenharmonic Praxis*, fits nicely this idea of singing out-of-tune with society.  We propose to cultivate tuning alternatives which are non-redundant with conventional wisdom.


(from Wikipedia…) “Xenharmonic is a term used to describe tuning systems, or music using those systems, which does not conform to or closely approximate the common 12-tone equal temperament. The term was coined by Ivor Darreg, from xenia (Greek ξενία), hospitable, and xenos (Greek ξένος) foreign. He famously stated: ‘This writer has proposed the term xenharmonic for music, melodies, scales, harmonies, instruments, and tuning-systems which do not sound like the 12-tone-equal temperament.’

Praxis – Reflection and action, each informing th other in a recursive learning loop.  See Paulo Freire.


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