Urbana-friends, tune in to 104.5 FM Radio Free Urbana these next few Tuesday nights at 11 PM for features on microtonal mavericks Denny Genovese (June 22) and Chris Vaisvil (June 29).

Denny Genovese comes to us from Gainesville, Florida, where he built more-or-less from scratch his Exotic Music Ensemble in the 1990’s which played catchy tunes in odd time signatures in Just Intonation.  Odd instruments in the portfolio of Denny G include a bass marimba, Kosmolyre, Hammerstrings (built from the guts of a piano), various xylophones, chimes and tubular bells, fretless guitars, drums, and dreamy fipple pipes of many lengths.  He’ll play and talk about some of his music this Tuesday, June 22.

Denny Genovese's "Bass Marimba"


Chris Vaisvil is a relatively local neighbor, joining us from Indianapolis.  He plays a standard guitar microtonally by retuning it via midi control messages.  He also plays fretless guitar and retuned keyboard, and maintains an excellent blog describing his musical activities exploring timbre and tuning.  He both composes and improvises new music, and will join us on the Oddmusic Radio Shower on June 29.

“36 Hairs,” a microtonal [electronic] piano improvisation by Chris Vaisvil:


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