Today, a fine set of fine folks with fine instruments and ideas got together to make ODD music at La Casa Grande Colectiva.  Hooray!

For those of you who weren’t able to make it (& those of you who were), here is a program list from our ODD INSTRUMENT GARDEN.  Thanks to all performers, all visitors, all supporters.

oddmusic garden & living room concert

june 27, 2010

~snax & schmooze~

~out of doors~

* andrew heathwaite * I seek to explore & crack open Domains In Between, with emphases on composition, non-violence, social change, cybernetics, & microtonal pedagogy.
* i’ve come with a bucket of roses * A song by Andrew Heathwaite for 22-tone guitar.


* jason finkelman * Percussionist Jason Finkelman enjoys exploring improvisation in combinations of unusual instrumentation.
* solo berimbau *


* paul kotheimer * Paul Kotheimer has been writing songs for 25 years or so, making music in Urbana for 15 years or so, and studying raga and just intonation for 5 years or so.
* early evening raga on fretless guitar * He will perform an early evening raga on a fretless guitar, which was modified to his specifications by local luthier Mike Novak.


* denny genovese * is enthusiastic about the expanded musical resources made possible through extended Just Intonation.
* improvisations with psaltery and fipple pipes * tuned in the natural Harmonic Series scale.


* carey smith & merry everingham * Carey Smith is a life artist, seeker and nurturer of beauty and truth, explorer of What Comes Next, and the creator of her own reality.
* demo of boviphonic ohm cannon * DIY huge sound.


* susan parenti * Susan Parenti thinks of herself as a composer of texts and music.
* salt * The piece “Salt’ is a text that requires yanking-in the soundingness of language in addition to its meaningness.

~living room~

* andrew heathwaite & jacob barton * Jacob Barton pursues an amateur virtuosity in composing and in performing, in music and in language.
* remem * A song by Andrew Heathwaite for otonal dulcimer, with Jacob Barton joining on otonal organ.
* ant lizard dragon man * A cover of a song written collaboratively by Threshold of Pain in 2006 & arranged for a microtonal blues scale.


* chris vaisvil * Chris Vaisvil, composer of microtonal music,
* fat bebe micro in 19edo * Norm Harris (percussion) and Chris Vaisvil composed the polyrhythmic and 19 edo Jazz piece with piano, bass, sax, and fretless guitar for the Odd Music Shower.


* kurt werner * Kurt Werner is a composer/engineer interested in the bending of circuits, the science of dissonance curves, and algorithmic composition.
* digital logic #3 * An improvisation using only homemade circuit-bent instruments.


* mark smart * Mark Smart is an electrical engineer who works at the University of Illinois and does a lot of odd music projects on the side.
* demo of chapman stick * Mark will be demonstrating the Chapman Stick, an electric stringed instrument designed for fret tapping.


* james burton * James has a degree in music composition, writes songs, plays piano and other instruments, but most has worked as a drummer in many different capacities.
* improvisation, amplified/processed percussion * He will perform whatever he has managed to come up with in the last 24 hours.


* jacob barton, andy burton & denny genovese * Three fourths of the band assembled to write & play music for AquaTown: a Future Hydrohistory.
* two interludes from aquatown *

~schmooze & snax~



2 responses »

  1. Hi jacob and andrew—could we post a version of the garden party as part of the SDaS website blog? thanks!
    Welcome back, jacob!

  2. What a fantastic collection of musicians! I would have loved to be audience in this show.
    here’s to more of them!

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