Friday · 8:00pm – 9:30pm @ La Casa Grande Colectiva – 906 S Maple St. – Urbana

Ash Devine is a Song-writer, Caring Clown, and Theater Artist based in Asheville, NC. This Friday, join Ash and Urbanian friends at La Casa
Co-op for an evening of unfettered joy, original music and lots of audience participation!

OddMusic-UC is offering “Loop Station Karaoke”:  The Loop Station allows you to record over yourself multiple times on the fly.  Try it out!  Or, if you’d like, bring your own sing-along (or other arguably participatory performance) to share!

Suggested donation: $5-10.  Light refreshments will be served.

Beginning summer and fall of 2010, Ash Devine will hit the road for the Musical Clown Tour, an educational community out-reach performance project. The group will perform at farmers markets, organic farms and intentional communities, music venues, schools and nursing homes across the USA and beyond.

On October 7th Ash will join the Fungus and some Geshundheit! Clowns for a Global Outreach trip to Vietnam. After the trip, Ash Devine will stay in Vietnam and travel as a performer and clown. All proceeds from this event go directly to support travel costs for this journey.

Ash collaborated with OddMusic this past spring in the production of AquaTown: A Future Hydrohistory.  For more info or to listen to Ash’s music, visit

(Facebook event link)


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