Udderbot World Tour January 2011!

The Udderbot visited the east coast this month, kicking off the Udderbot World Tour! The Udderbot World Tour is an attempt to bring the awareness of the udderbot to every human. In order to visit every human, various modes of interaction with the udderbot must be developed. This month, the following capacities were explored:

  • UDDERBOT MAKING WORKSHOP.  The most direct way to experience the udderbot is to make your very own.Sprout & Co., a very inspiring community learning and research space in Boston (Somerville), hosted the making of 11 new udderbots/udderbot players, and the American Visionary Art Museum of Baltimore hosted 15!
  • UDDERBOT CONCERT.  Second all-udderbot concert ever hits Virginia Beach January 19.  Seventy-plus Virginia Beachers from all walks of life now know what udderbot music is, so far.  Archive recordings forthcoming, with any luck!
  • STORY OF JACOB’S MUSIC.  Udderbot in the context of Jacob’s exciting and crazy life.  A good story, it turns out!  Microtones figure in big, naturally.  Told to ~8 ODU composers and ~50 instrumental music students of GSA in Norfolk.
  • JAM.  Mingle with the locals–informal and important!  One very super jam session with Dave and Doug of Norfolk, who may have recorded it.
  • UDDERBOT AS FOOTNOTE.  It’s not always the most important thing!  Udderbot cameo in An Exciting Event‘s Moondog Madrigal Puppet Show Boston performance. Udderbot as a clown tool on a Gesundheit! Clowning & Caring trip to Ecuador (ongoing as I write this!)  Hundreds of people exposed to the udderbot, some without much orientation.

Total people directly affected?  About three hundred, not counting the clown trip.

Things I hope to add to the complete set of udderbot offerings

  • ONLINE LEARNING. Udderbot players around the world probably need some video lessons! The Udderbot wiki is always happy to get in better shape, too.
  • EFFECTIVE STREET PERFORMANCE. Mostly, the udderbot needs a companion instrument that can play harmonies, like a guitar or accordion.
  • LOUD SHOW. For the hippest venues, replace classical respect for silence with room-filling sonic therapy. No hip venues yet.

A slideshow including

Notes on some Technological Developments

  1. Updated and thorough guide on How to Make an Udderbot! The official word is, electrical tape is okay, sometimes even without a rubber band!  Which is good because hose clamps are otherwise the most expensive component…
  2. While at Virginia Beach I happened upon the First (udder)Bot Ever.  Constructed in West Virginia at a summer session of the School for Designing a Society, this bot was made by breaking off a bottle’s bottom with a hammer (which left hardly anything) and attaching a PVC tube with electrical tape (credit to Joe Z).  The first slide bottle sounds came from submerging this in a bucket of water.  It was amazing.
  3. While in a market in Otavalo today, I happened upon an Udderbot Holster! It can go over your shoulder or just around your neck, and the strap is adjustable. The udder dangles down in a heap. Many times has this been suggested, but there it was in actuality! I bought three for the Udderbot Marching Choir.

More photos are on the new Oddmusic Facebook Album (no login required).


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