Xenharmonic composer, software designer, and advocate X. J. Scott is in Urbana this week to participate in Oddmusic’s and the School for Designing a Society‘s Microtonal Design UnConference.  He brings with him enthusiasm, expertise, and an interest in working on anything with anyone.  Highlights of his visit so far include:

  • An impromptu jam* in 88-cent equal temperament, a tuning system which proudly lacks octaves, featuring Jeff’s (X. J.’s) midi guitar, Jacob’s keyboard (retuned by Jeff’s indispensable software Li’l Miss’ Scale Oven), and my own retrofretted steel-string guitar.
  • Two meetings (so far) of an 88cET choir, which has provided an opportunity for us to rewire our brains to an alternatively-logicked tuning system in good company.  (This group will perform at a Performatorium this evening at 7:30 at the IMC as a continuation of the Instant Ensemble Project which took on 11edo earlier this semester.)
  • Lots of discussions of alternative tuning paradigms — what they might look like and what they imply (to be continued today in the Microtonal Design Language Lab at 3:30 pm).
  • A stellar broadcast of the Oddmusic Radio Shower, featuring wonderfully-tuned music recommended by Jeff — which you can listen to online here.
  • And more to come!**

*Jeff writes on the nonoctave forum:

The jam session with two 88cET guitars and a keyboard was the greatest xenharmonic music I have heard and a most exciting experience. Everyone needs to stop what they are doing and form a xenharmonic ensemble right away. Preferably in a nonoctave tuning. It all works. It is incredible. Stop playing alone. Spread the word. You do not need theory or years of study. It is intuitive and obvious what to do. The past is gone, the future is now, the old, limiting ways of 12 are past and obsolete.

**The Microtonal Design UnConference will keep us busy through Saturday, and if you can make it to Urbana, it is not too late to get involved.  For the upcoming events, see our announcement page.


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