The Gesundheit! Institute's zany architectures are ready for musical mayhem

Legitimate Questions
What happens when a group of people
( or at least
tolerate )
eleutherotonality“, the idea that that
is a valid
for musical
What new distinctions
and interests
emerge, in light of that?
and, How to accelerate
the inevitable decay of
easing them ever so gently
out of
the necessary
(yet endless)
experimentation and noodling phase
a phase of systems
becoming understandable, understood—
systems we actually want to commit to?
Can we become something more
anything more than intonational whores?

Doug drew this connection between the Farey sequence and equal divisions of the octave

What happens when
ad hoc microtonal ensembles have to cook together,
clean bathrooms,
do each other’s dishes? Do our
make the patriarchy any less pervasive?
Some Numbers of Non-Universal Importance
379 strings on various instruments, should we care to retune them
208 Sagittal accidentals to use, if we dare to learn them
128 pitches in Johnny’s “Eighth Octave Overtone Tuning”
~ Break for Volleyball ~
15 people for 15 hours of Just Intonation Praxis Choir
12 days in total: ironic?
8 Mac laptops
7 dé jà vus in one night
5 refretted guitars are not nearly enough…which is why Ron can’t come
$2.89 in a 13/11: coincidence?
2 trombones, fretless bass, and sampler, with echoes of Wyschnegradsky

Roxanne's insightful doodles from the Microtonal Listening Party

(caption: Roxanne’s insightful doodles from the Microtonal Listening Party)

2 responses »

  1. chris says:

    The future is NOW! Microtonal bluegrass is here!

  2. wonder says:

    one way to make the patriarchy less pervasive: don’t dis the sex workers!

    +1 for out of noodling phase, microtonal bluegrass. Please post soundfiles!

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