We are happy to offer an edition of Udderbot Marching Choir as part of the Channing-Murray Foundation’s first-ever Summer School in Radical Arts! Here’s the low-down on our course:

Udderbot Marching Choir—Instructors: Jacob Barton and Eva Martone

The udderbot is a do-it-yourself musical instrument made of a glass bottle, a rubber glove, and water. In this course, we will make and decorate our own udderbots, and then we will form a new kind of ensemble with all-original music and movement. We will learn to play everything from harmonious sounds to a cacophonous chaos. We will work together to make pieces that are both entertaining and provoking, for us and our audience alike. We welcome people with all levels of musical experience, including no experience at all!

Thursdays 4pm for 4 weeks (June 7,14,21,28)

Cost: $25/registrant

What are you waiting for? Register at http://cmf-school.com/

Not sure? Insecure? The first week of classes is a free trial week, so you can go to Art and Interdependence at 2pm stay for the udderbot party, and THEN decide what’s right for you! (Maybe both, maybe everything!)

The CMF is at 1203 W. Oregon St. (on the Urbana side of UofI campus).


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