ODDMUSIC Urbana-Champaign, founded in 2009, is a project for the production of media related to DIY music creation, especially xenharmonic composition and instrument building.

These media include this website; the Xenharmonic Wiki; the Xenharmonic Alliance Ning and ensuing Facebook Group; various zines; the instrument library; computer software; performance events; recording projects; and courses in Urbana and West Virginia.

Oddmusic-UC is a working group of the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center. Please send all inquiries to uc-oddmusic-discuss@lists.chambana.net for a prompt reply.


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  1. Barry R. Morse says:


    I’m intrigued by your philosophy and openness to “collaborate”. To what extent might a guy like me get involved with ODDMUSIC?

    I’m a DMA student in composition at UIUC, have a theremin ensemble, have taught music in public schools and love to work with other creative people.

    I would like to meet you sometime and check out your instrumentarium as well.

    Take care,

  2. peter says:

    I have a solo horn piece for possibly friday, but I dont understand how to add that to the page.

  3. Greetings: looks like a wonderful enterprise…I recognize Denny, Johnny Reinhard, et al. Interested in having some of Harry Partch’s music presented some time? do let me know – my group has over a dozen copies of the instruments that we use to concertize, record, etc.


    I also do solo lecture/concerts with Partch Adapted Guitars & Adapted Viola (a lot cheaper than trucking all the instruments!)

    looking forward to hearing from you,

    John Schneider

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